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playground shade awning

An outdoor playground canopy is a great catalyst for getting your kids to exercise and have fun but building one yourself can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the construction of large structures. Some parks do not need to be anchored to the ground with concrete, but in areas of high winds or […]

patio awnings lowes

For many homeowners, playgrounds and mooneyes are an important investment to spend more time outdoors. But those additions come with something unpredictable: the great outdoors, with all its problems and natural wonders. But there is a new construction concept helping to return these outdoor spaces into something more: three-season room for all purposes to protect […]

Canopy tents can compliment your backyard or may be protective shelters for many outdoor events. It offers a cool shade on outdoor accessories such as furniture or patio hammock. Choose a canopy that offers enough space for your needs, such as 10×10 canopy tent, 10 by 10 feet, waterproof fabrics lightweight frames and high-strength steel […]

race car trailer awnings

Car awnings can help protect your vehicle from the elements, and come in sizes to fit any vehicle you have. They can come in different forms, so it is advisable to read assembly instructions included. However, most canopies are configured similarly. Therefore generally do not require special tools, but the assembly process can take two […]

outdoor canopy tents with sides

Outdoor canopy tent – Depending on the material you choose, your canopy tent can be elegant or purely functional. Select your material. If necessary, cut or sew your desired size. Rectangles, squares or triangles work well. If you are using a tarp or a protective plastic, buy one large enough to suit your purpose. If […]

Prepare for roasted marshmallows, singing by the campfire and spend some days in a large canopy tent. A suitable store is the one with the most important things to have on a camping trip, besides food.  The wedge tents are lightweight tents that have gained popularity in the world of camping. This type of shopping […]

portable awnings for decks

Create a comfortable and functional portable awnings helps you enjoy most about your garden. Part of creating a space like this is finding a way to provide shade. There are many options available to get either if you’re looking for something to protect you from elements of nature or if you just want a smooth […]

princess twin canopy bed

Princess canopy bed is preferred by girls with pretty curtains to add a distinctive touch and romantic decor. Problem is that most of time these beds are expensive or simply already have a good bed and is nothing to get rid of it. No need to resign yourself to having an ordinary bedroom, because with […]

window awnings for mobile homes

Current impression with diverse settings sufficient point of interest to window awnings for homes will give great comfort. The entire plan like this would likewise be an imperative decision of diverse applications. Furthermore, we additionally can focus a great deal of incorporation and the idea of a more noteworthy than alternate points of interest. This […]

triangle sun shade canopy sail

An awning sail canopy is affordable to a pergola or an umbrella alternative and effective solution to keep your PC protected from the sun patio. The shade sails come in triangular or square versions, and generally hang several to create an entertaining. Consider alternate corners of the sheet to hang low and high, with a […]

canopy tent with sides

A canopy tent protects the interior and exterior of your boat time and wear. You must have a slanted surface for precipitation and falling objects can slide. To make a cover will need to know a little math, have some sharp scissors, chalk and wood and metal poles of the tent, which will remain in […]

sunsetter manual retractable awning

Awnings are sufficient to provide shade on the porch or terrace. They also help reduce your bill in the summer heat, the sun limit contact with the outside of his house. Manual retractable awnings take comfort a step further. Instead of always offering shade, these awnings are retractable, so you can vary the level of […]