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Copper awnings – Copper is a single metal, with an unusual color ranging from pink to bright orange, is a conductor and is used in electrical wiring. It is also soft and is easily folded and molded into different shapes for jewelry and household items. The problem is that stain very easily, leaving an appearance […]

metal window awnings home depot

Metal window awnings shade sunny windows in summer and reduce heat gain inside the house. People often selected metal awnings if you live in an arid and windy area. Fabric awnings are not sustained and in these conditions, so it often makes sense to install something more permanent. In designing awnings always consider the architectural […]

canopy tents with sides

Tarpaulins serve many functions. Among these tasks, tarps are often used as roof canopy tents style. Form your own canopy tent with a tarp and enjoy relief from sun, rain and other elements. When setting up shop, helps pick an area out of the wind, or at least in a leeward where the wind gets […]

steel pergola with canopy

Today, we will talk about pergola canopy. It is provides privacy and shade when used outdoors as well as a touch of romance when used in the bedroom. Combine the two and create a shelter canopy bed outdoors to read, sunbathe and relax with his girlfriend. You can find awnings in different colors, designs, textures […]

canopy bed drapes target

Canopy bed drapes – Having a canopy bed can add a bit of spice, intimacy and fun to your bedroom. If you have a canopy bed, you can easily add the fabric in the frame to create a canopy bed. However, if you do not have a canopy or canopy is for looks rather than […]

Patio awning ideas shade not only protects us from the sun, but also items of furniture, such as benches, tables and chairs. Installing a roof is a cost effective method of covering a patio. Instead of using umbrella, consider creating a flag in order to have a comfortable and spacious room.  A garden or patio […]

An awning fabric sail is affordable to a pergola or an umbrella alternative and effective solution to keep your PC protected from the sun patio. The shade sails come in triangular or square versions, and generally hang several to create an entertaining or relaxing space. Consider alternate corners of the sheet to hang low and […]

wood window awnings

Wood awning – Make the structure of your roof with cedar, Brazil wood or other treated wood resistant to outdoors. If you make the wooden structure, you will need a saw to separate into appropriate sizes. The wooden frame is heavier than a PVC or copper tube. These lightweight plumbing materials can be easily cut […]

sunsetter retractable awnings

Obviously we will get exceptionally noteworthy capacities on retractable awnings. Application of truly diverse as this is thought to be less demanding for us to amplify the feeling that fascinating. A few alternatives are utilized, this proposal will be a significant thought that offers application and a noteworthy choice. All components are connected like this […]

outdoor canopies target

If you can make good drawings of your house, you can design a pattern for outdoor canopies. Use design books and websites to get ideas, but creates several drawings to determine which best suit your home. The shelters can be built in many shapes and designs. However, you want to install one that is properly […]

Reef aquariums are designed to house living corals, sea anemones and other invertebrates that live in shallow tropical waters. These creatures are dependent on sunlight, as do photosynthesis. Therefore, reef aquariums require illumination source and appropriate spectrum in aquarium canopy. Directions: place the aquarium canopy upside down on a clean work surface. Place a thin […]

playground shade awning

An outdoor playground canopy is a great catalyst for getting your kids to exercise and have fun but building one yourself can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the construction of large structures. Some parks do not need to be anchored to the ground with concrete, but in areas of high winds or […]